Deadly Game: The Horns of the Rhino is Coming Soon

I am excited and looking forward to the third and final book of the “Deadly Trilogy”, “Deadly Game; The Horns of the Rhino” which is scheduled to be released this Fall, 2019.  This book contains excitement, intrigue, challenging medical diagnoses, and of course, twists and turns that will surprise you. It is rich in captivating characters such as Big Jim McCullar an Australian mercenary with a 007 aura, Nobutu Ingali a ruthless Ugandan Revolutionary, Professor Randall Lurie a famed [...]

AAMOS Conference: The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAMOS) Conference

Good afternoon, I’m Dr. Robert Marx, Professor of Surgery, Chief of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Miami. Everyone asks, what is new in stem cell science? I’m going to cover that this afternoon. What is new with stem cell research and regenerative medicine has captivated the entire medical industry. Its implications for patients continues to be exciting and save on health care costs, cuts down on patient pain, and increases the safety of surgery. Mothers and [...]

Prescription Medications Can Be Dangerous

Pharmaceutical companies may not expect some of the side effects resulting from their medications. When the side effects appear, do they choose to put profits before people? When you consider the standard minute-length list of side effects disclosed in drug commercials, it would seem like those effects have been silently accepted by the public and physicians. Information that goes to the FDA for approval should be reviewed two years later and beyond. Some side effects don’t become apparent until [...]

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